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Celebrity Bagsessions: Khloe Kardashian Has Half A Rainbow’s Worth Of Hermes Birkins

It’s no secret that the Kardashian sisters love flaunting their Hermes Birkins, and since the last post I did on Kim Kardashian’s numerous Hermes Birkins (read it here) garnered so many page views,… Continue reading

Celebrity Bagsessions: Scandal’s Olivia Pope Loves Prada Bags

Lately the TV show I can’t get enough of is ABC’s Scandal. Okay, let’s be real– reality TV is more my thing, but for Scandal to be that high up on my list, it must be good.… Continue reading

Celebrity Bagsessions: Kanye West Gifts Kim Kardashian A Nude Painting Hermes Birkin Pocketbook For Christmas

Kanye West is known for his outrageous antics. And this time is no exception: this Christmas, he gave his fiance Kim Kardashian a “one of a kind” gift– an Hermes Birkin Pocketbook with… Continue reading

Celebrity Bagsessions: Kanye West Loves (But Also Hates) Louis Vuitton

We all recently heard about Kanye West’s boycotting and bashing of Louis Vuitton, saying the fashion house’s “prices are just too extreme.” He went on to say that given the opportunity, he would… Continue reading

Celebrity Bagsessions: Miranda Kerr Loves Prada

Miranda Kerr might not always be toting around baby Flynn or be arm-candying (now)ex-husband Orlando Bloom, but there’s one piece of arm candy she’s always sure to have around: a beautiful purse. And… Continue reading

Celebrity Bagsessions: Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker Personalize Their Fendi Selleria Adele

One bag, two powerful women. Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker have completely different fashion styles, but they clearly have similar tastes when it comes to the Fendi Selleria Adele. Lady Gaga has… Continue reading

Celebrity Bagsessions: Man Bags

I spend too much time writing about female celebrities and designer bags for women. So gentlemen, this one’s for you. Ladies, let your eyes do the talking. We’re so used to seeing Brad… Continue reading

Celebrity Bagsessions: Victoria Beckham Has Over $2 Million Worth Of Hermes Bags

Victoria Beckham has got it all: a gorgeous husband, four beautiful kids, her own fashion line, and wardrobe full of Hermes bags. Hermes bags range from about $10,000 to $200,000 (ostrich leather Birkins, that are… Continue reading

Celebrity Bagsessions: Lady Gaga’s Wacky & Not-So-Wacky Designer Bags

Lady Gaga is eccentric, outlandish, flamboyant, and that’s why we all love her. She makes great music, has bizarre style (remember that one time she wore a meat dress to the VMAs? Yes, that one… Continue reading

Celebrity Bagessions: Bethenny Frankel Has Her Hands Full With Her Hermes Birkins

Bethenny Frankel is great at building businesses and making money. What started out as her Skinny Girl Magherita low-calorie beverage has grown into a huge million-dollar empire, with everything from zero-calorie liquid sweeteners… Continue reading