I’m Genevieve Chong, and I live in the BEAUTIFUL city of Los Angeles, CA.

California 2

But I’m actually from the tiny country of Singapore (yes it’s that little red dot on the southern most tip of the archipelago).


I’m convinced it’s my inner-Singaporean-ness that made me develop my expensive taste for designer clothes, shoes, and most importantly, bags. It IS afterall the shopping capital of the world. (And yes, this is a REAL mall in Singapore.)

Singapore Ion

But now that I live and work in the heart of the entertainment industry and figured since I’m always around celebrities && the latest fashion trends, I thought I would start a bag blog.

So I guess that was the beginning of The Bagateur. Since I’m clearly a bag-lover and I pride my bags all along the top shelves of my walk-in closet (and trust me, sometimes I just stand and stare in awe of them), I thought ‘Why not write about bags?’ It’s been a learning process, but I love it and I think I’ll do it for awhile 🙂

Thanks for all your support!! xoxo