Louis Vuitton Customizes A Luggage Line To Match The New BMW i8

BMW I8What happens when you put two luxury brands together? Well, they make babies- and in this case, it happens to be a custom Louis Vuitton luggage line that matches the new BMW i8 plug-in hybrid. The four-piece suitcase set is made entirely of lightweight, yet sturdy, carbon fiber and is patterned to match the interior of the $136,000 i8 sports car, complete with Louis Vuitton’s trademark checkered Damier pattern.

BMW I8 iii

The BMW i8-Louis Vuitton luggage line consists of a briefcase, a garment bag, and two overnight bags. It will be available for order at select Louis Vuitton stores in April, while the BMW i8 is expected to be available at dealerships in the US this spring.

BMW I8 ii

I guess never again will you have to worry about your suitcases not matching your flashy six-figure sports car.

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