Louis Vuitton Adds A New Color To Its Palette: Pistache!

Remember when I got so ultra excited when I heard that Saint Laurent was debuting their bag line in neon yellow? (Well, if you don’t remember or know about this, you have probably been living in a hole and should read about it here). So imagine HOW excited I got when I walked in the Louis Vuitton store last week and saw it’s new line of Epi Leather bags released in their latest color: Pistache! Or neon yellow/green, in most people’s vocabulary.

I don’t really know how or why I got away without knowing this for so long (apparently it has been out for a month now… what?!), but according to the lovely store associate, the Pistache Epi Leather range comes in the Petit Noe NM, Neverfull MM, W PM.
M40969_PM2_Front viewThe Petit Noe NM in Pistache Epi Leather retails for $1,780 and is available in stores and online.
M40961_PM2_Front viewThe Neverfull MM in Pistache Epi Leather retails for $2,010 and is also available in stores and online.

The W PM in Pistache Epi Leather retails for $4,600 and is only available in stores.

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